Hi, My name is Murat Kenan!

I’m an Internet Marketer and Online Coach based out of San Diego, California. For years I struggled with trying to make money online. So many sleepless nights, Learning SEO, WordPress, Funnels,  E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing and whatever think of in the field of Internet Marketing 

I have wasted thousands on ‘how to’ courses and ‘get rich quick schemes which left me with nothing but broken promises and a huge credit card bill.

Being “in the trenches” gave me a unique, “insider” view of what worked in online marketing (and what didn’t). And After a LOT of trial, error, and a few tears along the way. I finally cracked the code.

These days I mainly focus on Affiliate Marketing and teaching these principles to up-and-coming marketers who want a simple, yet effective way to make a lucrative income online.

To Your Success…

Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid in

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing as a business will provide you a very good income whether you do it full-time or part time.  Of course it depends on how you manage it as a business. It also has edges where you can fall when you make mistakes. There are common mistakes that affiliates make and knowing them is a good starting point to avoid them:

Grabbing Every

Affiliate Program Available

Affiliate marketing is all over the net. It will be easy to be drowned with affiliate programs that promise high commissions. Signing up for these programs is as quick as a few blinks of the eye. More programs may mean more profits but it is not always the case.

There are times when you have to hold back and know your limits.

Imagine juggling three balls. Make it ten balls and you will get the picture. Affiliate programs are stakes you take online and these are investments that need your attention.

If you cannot focus on managing them well, it will be unproductive to sign up for every opportunity you have.

You can start with one affiliate program or maybe go for as much as three or four. Make sure that these programs blend well together and do not simply crowd your website.

Choosing the Wrong Product

You don’t pick a banana when you like some grapes. A lot of affiliates commit the mistake of choosing the products because they are hot and not because they are interested in it.

It will be very hard to sound credible when you don’t believe in a product yourself. Yes they might sell but in the long run, you cannot form the important relationship of trust and confidence with your market.

Successful marketers most of the time have purchased the products they are promoting. This way, they can give an honest review if the product is really commendable.

Copy Pasting Content

Building a website involves serious work. If you want to look credible or trustworthy copy pasting from other websites will not work.

Search engine spiders will not tag your website as an authority in your chosen niche. Content is still king. Regular updates and good keyword research are also a must.

Good search engine optimization can spell a difference of thousands of dollars in your affiliate marketing business.

Claim The Affincome Training Kit

As you probably already know, one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online is in affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate, you don't have to worry about creating products, providing support, or testing and tweaking sales pages endlessly in order to increase conversion rates, and ultimately, profits.

In fact, affiliate marketers can make just as much money as product owners and online merchants without having to do ANY of the work!

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